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ui inspiration.

daily ui inspiration & patterns for designers, developers to find inspiration, tools and the best resources for your project.

site inspire.

focus is on minimal designs. nice typography and good for agency landing pages where the visual design is crucial. less good for practical, system uis


We all know it and love to hate it. Still useful for when you just need some eye candy and want to flex the visual design muscle.


Really great website that gives an in-depth look at different app flows. Super useful when looking for examples of design patterns.


super clean and easy to browse. great for portfolio / agency inspiration.


a beautiful curated list of sites. well designed and easy to browse. a good mix of landing page saas sites and portfolio orientated sites.


a collection of the finest app store design screenshots.


a curated list of landing pages. browse by section and colour. good inspiration for saas style pages,


personally not a favourite of mine, i find it hard to navigate quickly & a lot of the sites are a bit pretentious with style over usability. worth a look every now & then.


focuses on ecommerce sites (clue’s in the name). if you work in this sector, this site is a must.

one page love.

does what it says on the tin. they try and flog themes. could be worth a browse of you’re designing a single page site.


this covers print as well, but they have a decent sometimes unusual selection of websites. portfolio orientated.


ui garage.

find specific design inspiration for web, mobile and tablet. search over 4,257 patterns.

ui movement.

gallery of ui transitions & animations. very useful if you’re designing within this niche.


stopped visiting here after reading one to many “view my portfolio” comments. worth a look for pretty pixels.

good web design.

landing page inspiration. easy to browse by different sections so can be quicker to find what you’re looking for.


showcases a wider range of inspiration then just websites. great browsing experience & good if you’re looking for visuals outside of the digital realm.

css nectar.

this sites triple vets all submissions to maintain a high quality of submissions. they do that scoring thing i’m not that interested in, but useful none the less.

hover states.

pretty banging selection of ‘alternative’ (god that sounds rubbish) website designs. some interesting stuff on here, well worth a visit if you’re in exploration mode.

best website

a personal bookmark collection from david. nice selection. go visit.


“hand-picked, obsessively curated collection of the most beautiful websites on the internets”. very pleasant browsing experience.

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